Un&Thank You

I so thank you for making me feel giddy again, believing and feeling so lucky at my gift that I could keep unwrapping forever.  Each layer would caress my heart, make me ache and give me solace because I had you.

Thank you for touching me with such a steady hand of ownership, acceptance and promise, often on the small of my back.  Thank you for reigniting my adoration of music though, now, you two are painfully connected.   Thank you for the privilege of that moment that no else could attain.

I unthank you for the last incomplete kiss, not allowing me to swallow you and drown in tasting you with a thirst I could never, would never desire to quench.

Unthank you for that which was not and could have been.

Unthank you for no days of sneaking mushrooms onto your plate or scoring the rejects at dinner.  Unthank you for no birthdays where I would bless the day you were made for me.

Unthank you for all the mornings I will not wake up entwined in your arms, remembering our silly jousting accompanied by that sweetness that I almost had and always prayed for.

Unthank you for missing morning breath kisses so deep you would know my bottomless, unconditional desire for you.  Unthank you for this hole you burrowed yet never filled, leaving me more than hollow.  Bereft.

I un&thank you for reviving my dying heart only for me to kill it again.

2 thoughts on “Un&Thank You

  1. Oh how I can relate to your beautiful writings! This post makes me flashback to my last very short, very turbulent relationship. I haven’t spoken to him since last summer. Yet he burned a hole into my heart so deep that I still think of him. Yes, I Unthank him for the mornings I will not wake up entwined in his arms, especially since he works at the same place as me, as well as his new girlfriend, who overlapped with me and is happy waking up in his arms everyday. I get to watch them drive into work together. It sucks!

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