30 Days

It’s the first day of November, a month perfectly positioned for a 30-day challenge. November is the last 30-day month of the year and, being the second-to-last month of the year, seems just right for that last ditch effort to get it right before all hope is lost.

December is chock full of the holiday revelry and remorse that November sparks only in its last Thursday on Thanksgiving. Notice that you don’t regret overeating until after Turkey-day. You may worry about it but the true guilt comes after the marathon of overstuffing that most likely carries on well into December’s holiday glut.

All that being stated, for me, November is the ultimate month for a 30-day challenge. It’s the month when I can finally straighten up and fly right. Problem is what should I challenge? There’s more than enough disarray in my life to fill numerous years of back-to-back 30-day challenges. So, really? What do I challenge myself to this month? What will make a true difference?

I want to do everything! NaNoWriMo, daily love letters, daily gratitude, home hoarder excavation and more! Everything. Everyday. Overwhelming. Doomed. No? Should I do all that everything and end up with nothing or a little bit and end up dissatisfied?

Since there’s less than 2 hours left in the first day of November, I’ve got to chose and choose quickly. I challenge myself to 30 days of…challenges. Yes, a 30-day challenge to challenge and astound myself every single day of November. 30 days of victory and experiencing life in ways unthought of by me…ever.

That looks like writing here everyday. I will share my gratitude, complete the unfinished, float out into the ether. I will do whatever it takes to create an unrecognizable life, me, tessism.com in 30 days that are in November. Feel free to join me. I will do whatever it takes to spark miracles all over this month of challenges. November is when I challenge myself to ALL of it NOW, not later. This is where having it all will come to take lessons. Excellence in one month–let’s see what I can do.

Today’s victory: simply writing this blog.

Gratitude: I am thankful for the ability and opportunity to try again and again.

What’s your challenge?

15 thoughts on “30 Days

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  2. I am inspired. I have less than an hour to figure out the challenges I want to embrace this month.

    I wish you joy as you embrace each new day.

    Thank you again for the inspiration.


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