Challenge Day 5: Gratitude Attitude

Tumbling down subway steps in stilettos today challenged being peaceful.  As the adrenaline subsided, I rubbed my bruised knee, jiggled my ankle and went back to being peaceful.  I was able to return to peacefulness as I surveyed my body, grateful that I didn’t do anything to warrant an emergency room visit.  I fell well.  Disaster was averted.

I noticed that gratitude has a lot to do with maintaining peace.  When I go to a space of being thankful, I simply cannot continue to be scared, worried or irritated.  Gratefulness is the kryptonite to be being distraught, which brings us to today’s challenge.

Today’s challenge: Practice being grateful no matter what, especially in situations where that would be your last thought.

I’ve been noting what I’m grateful for in my 30-day posts and this challenge expands on that.  My challenge is to bring gratitude into situations where I normally wouldn’t, bolstering the peace I promised to gift myself this month.

Today’s victory: Bringing peace to today’s nonstop animated conversations.  I can be passionate and peaceful at the same time.  Peace is not numbness.  It scoops out a very safe, delightful place for me to enjoy people even when they don’t think like me.

Gratitude: I am grateful for the delightful bed that awaits my closeness every day.  Its love, unconditional.  Its acceptance, steadfast.

On the horizon: Making space for beginner’s mind, adventures in no complaining, and writing that much this month

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