Challenge Day 7: Do Not Give Up

Ah yes.  Another day.  Another challenge…and all the pressure to find a meaningful challenge to write about.   Today’s challenge is dedicated to the incredible people that ran in today’s ING New York City Marathon but I’ll get to that a little later.

Yesterday, I challenged myself to giving up being right.  It has proven to be the challenge that keeps challenging.  As I get more comfortable with the previous challenges, shedding rightness keeps throwing me off balance.  I go in and out of wanting to know how I can be or think about anything if I’m not right?

Then I have to remind myself that being right works in some cases.  I cross on green and not on red.  It doesn’t guarantee my safety but for the most part, it works.  As I challenge myself, I’m learning being right butts into being connected.  There’s something isolating about viewpoints when we care more about them than the people in our lives.  It works for official debates but it doesn’t work if you’re interested in life with the person(s) you’re speaking with past that conversation.  I’d go so far as to say that even giving up being right with strangers I’ll never speak to again enhances my closest relationships because it requires me to practice that habit everywhere.

Today was tough because being right is intoxicating.  It’s an addiction I’ve had longer than anything else and I just keep stumbling.  Many times, in conversations with my one person who seemed to be positioned to challenge me ALL day, I didn’t get that I needed give up.  I had to keep trying, releasing, and failing until finally, I got it.  And they got it.  We finally won.  Together.

Failing and going ahead anyway is key to all 30 days of my challenge. Today’s challenge is much needed fuel for the rest of the month.

Today’s challenge: Do not give up

Paulo Coehlo tweeted this today:

That is my challenge today–to keep going even when I mess up.  I have attempted to blog daily here before and that failed.  I’m doing it again.  Even if I’m tired or the computer hiccups, I’ll keep writing every day.  I will not give up on myself as I normally do.

It’s funny how most of my previous challenges have been about giving up something and today’s is about never giving up.  How does that work?  It’s simple.  Give up what needs to be given up and don’t give up on doing that.  Let go of things that don’t work and don’t give up on yourself while you’re doing it because you will definitely fail.  Accept imperfection at the onset and little-engine-that-could your way to the end.

Like many who ran in today’s marathon whether they finished or not, I’m doing something I don’t normally do and it’s quite uncomfortable.  It takes something to finish the race.  It takes something to return to the race when you didn’t finish the last time.  Today’s challenge is simply my directive, after a week of challenging myself, to go on past the ego-burns and energy-cramps this string of challenges keeps causing.

Note to self:  This does not mean stubbornly sticking to things that are no good for me.  It means once I, in my discernment, choose something that inspires me and commit to challenging myself with it, I will keep at it, int this month of all months.  Let’s go!

Today’s victory: If at first you don’t succeed, give up, give up again.  Today I won at failing miserably and jumping back into the fray.  My challenges had no chance.  The conversation I was having had no chance.  I hung up.  I called again.  I failed.  I tried again.  I gave up some more and something made sense.  Finally.

Gratitude: I am grateful for people in my life who never give up on me.

On the horizon: A week of goodies and insights

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