Challenge Day 10: Celebrate Great

As of yesterday’s post, I’ve broken my record of the most posts in 1 month (9 in April when I first started blogging).  In spite of technical difficulties uploading posts at times, I have written every day since I started my challenge.

10 days into my 30 days of challenges and I feel a bit lost.  Although I’ve had major breakthroughs, I’m fixated on the instances where I fall short.  Eight victories have no power over one glaring failure or two.  While I know, conceptually, that these shortcomings can and will be converted to successes, it sure doesn’t feel like that right now and I’m ready to spend the rest of the month under my blankie.  Who came up with the idea of challenging yourself every day this month?  Let me speak to her supervisor…

After my latest fit of discomfort, all I can do is read this month’s entries. I read about each challenge and I’m assured of the intention of this journey: create an unrecognizable life. I have not been perfect but I’ve been in action. I notice that each day, I’ve done something that made a difference. The challenge today is clear.

Today’s challenge: Celebrate something great every day no matter how seemingly mundane.

Save the self-criticism and perfection for when you’re working on your triple axel for the next Winter Olympics.  For everyday life, find something great in you and celebrate.  It’s pretty easy to go over the day and think of the things that you wish you could fix.  You can’t go back and change a thing.

Go ahead and note what you need to improve but don’t stop there.  Don’t end a day without acknowledging the awesome things about you that you take for granted.  Stop being numb to the incredible things you do in a blink that can be difficult for most people.  Take a moment and simply celebrate.

I will celebrate and use it as fuel for my tomorrows.  I will store celebration to sip on when I get stuck.

Today’s victory:  Posting here consistently past where I usually stop.

Gratitude: I am grateful for the clean slate of every day and the strength to give it my all.

On the horizon: Tying loose ends

3 thoughts on “Challenge Day 10: Celebrate Great

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  2. Thanks for the reminder to acknowledge the good and the great even in the face of things we’re not necessarily happy about. It’s funny how we can let one bad thing overshadow all we have to be thankful for. My challenge will be making a conscious effort not to let that be the case anymore. And when I fail I’ll just have to try try again!

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