Challenge Day 19: Ask for Help

On day 19, I’m challenging myself to something I rarely do.

Today’s challenge: Ask for help.  You know you need it.  Let people contribute to you.  Graciously allow people to give to you in the same way you love to give to others.  Give them the pleasure of making a difference for you.  Accept things.

More often than not, I work on challenges on my own.  Whether they’re 30 days of Bikram yoga or a month of challenges, accomplishing them is a solitary endeavor.   I realize, though, that it is far more enriching and productive to ask for help.

Community is key in building the life of my dreams.  Being accountable to a community of readers keeps me blogging daily.  Without them, I would have stopped writing weeks ago.

I rarely ask for help and when I do, I ask very few people.  I’m always ready to help wherever I can.  Stranger, friend foe–I will help you.  It’s another thing for me to ask for needed help and with this challenge.  I am going to allow people to help me achieve results more incredible than the ones I would have on my own.

Allowing people to give to me multiplies all our strength and power.  For the next few days, I will look for wherever I need support in and ask for it.  You can too.

Today’s victory: I answered a call to do excellent, additional work today.  It wasn’t requested but I knew it was necessary so, with passion, I knocked it out of the box.  Feels good.

Gratitude: I am grateful to live in one of the most incredible cities in the world.

On the horizon: Miracles

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