April is For…

With all the seriousness occurring in my life and the world around me, April and its silliness have come right on time.  Instead of worrying about the state of my soul, I can finally focus on what would otherwise be deemed frivolous.

This April’s focus is on Botox!  I’m reaching a milestone birthday in a few weeks and it’s high time I started worrying about mummifying my looks.  Do you have any suggestions?  I’m not a huge fan of needles so I’ve been looking for alternatives like egg-whites, tape, shellac. The egg’s been messy.  Tape doesn’t last and the shellac’s just too darn sticky.  I may have no other choice than to just get older…or preserve my youth with some April foolin’.  What do you think?

Yes, April Foolin’ is the way to go!

Did you get gotten today?  My faves were Gmail Motion, YouTube 1911, my yearly insanity at Fool.com (particularly their Wikileak Fool Fiasco) and ZDNet’s warning about Facebook and college admission (glad I already went before the advent of social media).  What were yours?  Read about more April Fool’s antics here.

You see April is for fooling and fun, a month always great from day one to my birthday and until its very last day. Enjoy!