10 Years Ago

I won’t write too much about what happened ten years ago. I survived it and that should be what counts. Right? Still, I’m sure that the cost of survival is higher than I can quantify. Lost peace. Altered choices. Avoided places. Immeasurable.

Though I know he did not survive that day, Balewa is still with us. Those he left behind have been shaped by the loss and all that he gave them before he left. Is that the purpose of a life cut short? To make us value ours and all that the person poured into us?

Makes me wonder if living for another day is a prize in and of itself. I guess it’s what you do with those gifted additional days that makes the difference.

Someday when the commemoration of the decade gone by has died down, I will transcribe my remembrance of that day. Right now I am glad ten years is between me and dust clouds and finally understanding that nothing is promised.

I survived. To what end I do not know. That is all for now.