Gratitude Day 9

Yesterday, I learned that one of hip hop’s icons, Heavy D, passed away suddenly at age 44. Too young…too soon.  In the face of such sad news, I searched to see if there was something to be grateful for during 30 Days of Tessism.

Heavy D has always been lauded as a pioneer among “big men” in the rap industry, but his impact and influence went far beyond his own career pursuits over the past 25 years. He was a triple threat – an artist, producer, and actor – who rubbed elbows with some of the best, and sometimes unlikely, names in the business.–Seandra Sims “Five Overlooked But Epic Facts About Heavy D”,

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have grown up when I did.  In a an era of hip hop at it’s purest and most diverse.  Although I am shocked with the passing of icon Dwight “Heavy D” Myers, I am glad that he was such a major part of my formative years.  I celebrate his life and am saddened that it is in death that I am reminded of his impact on so many lives.

In the place of sorrow, I pour gratitude.  Thank you Heavy D for your kindness, grace and style.  Thank you for being an example of versatile man who proved that hip hip wasn’t the realm of over-aggressive posturing.  You were a gentleman.  You were kind.  You were dedicated to your daughter, your family, your friends and your fans.  I am grateful to count myself among them.

Rest in power Heavy D.  Thank you for your contribution to the soundtrack of my life.  Thank you for giving me something to aspire to.

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