Gratitude Day 11

Happy 11.11.11 Day to you!  On this 11th day of 30 Days of Tessism, gratitude lies in magic I find all over my life.

Gratitude:  Today I am grateful for the serendipity that grants me a magical life.  It is said that “in life, there are no accidents”.  So much in my life has been fortunate.  I’ve been in the right place at the right time–avoided death, met someone integral to a project and so much more.  I am grateful that even seemingly unfortunate situations are revealed later on to actually be fortunate.

There was the summer internship that didn’t pan out into a job after college for a company high up the World Trade Center.  Actually, everything that happened on 9-11 represents, for me, a convergence of unrelated events that resulted in my survival that day.  I’m clear that this is more than luck or simply being blessed.  I think we all have healthy servings of luck and blessedness.  It’s a matter of what we put out in return that determines what resonates in our lives.

I have wallowed in sorrow only to realize that the cause of my sorrow was an amazing lesson that moved me forward through life with peace and power.  I am grateful for good fortune and the ability to recognize it when it doesn’t look that way.


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