Gratitude Day 12

On day 12 of 30 Days of Tessism, gratitude is seated in the power of my mind.

Gratitude:  Today I am grateful for the ability to strategize my way out of any difficulty.  I am grateful for the adaptable brain that never gives up and comes up with solutions again and again.

It’s wonderful that the default of my brain is hope.  That is where I end up every time no matter how dire the circumstance.  I am grateful for a mind that strives for not just my survival but my success.  It’s been with me through low moments and has helped me recover from things that I never thought I would recover from.

All I have really is my mind.  Without it, I don’t exist.  Thank you for being so adaptable and willing to reach great heights.  Thank you for finding a way when there was no way.  Thank you for knowing your limits and seeking help when you couldn’t do it alone.

Most things, I find, are transient and until I can’t use it anymore, thank you mind for always being all that I have and working in my favor.  Thank you for being malleable and allowing me to seek different ways of looking at the world.  I am utterly grateful for a mind that is a tool of empowerment.

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