Gratitude Day 15

Halfway through 30 Days of Tessism, gratitude can be found in a writer’s necessity.

Gratitude:  Today I am grateful for having what Virginia Woolf described as “A Room of One’s Own” to contemplate and write.  I remain ever thankful that I was born into this time and can experience so much that women before me could not.

In my literal room, I can plot and worry without interruption or explanation.  In my figurative space, I can delve into my mind and express myself in any way I choose.  Today’s gratitude is simple and quiet, the very way I like that “room”.  I have room to be.  I have choice and freedom of expression.  Anything held back or put forth results from options I have thanks to those before me who paved and fought for a way.  For that, I am grateful.

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