Gratitude Day 17

Day 17 of 30 Days of Tessism finds gratitude in something obvious and sometimes overlooked until it is too late.

Gratitude: Today I am grateful for my health and vigor.  That is something that most of us don’t notice until it is compromised.  Now, while I am healthy, I especially need to be thankful.  I am ache and disease-free.  I can and have pushed my body to the limit in with athletic challenges.  It rewards me time and again.  It surprises me by doing things I never knew it could do.  It shows me that I have not reached my peak yet.

I have been told that your 30s are insurance for your the rest of your life.  Well, I’m glad I’ve been making deposits in my health bank at the gym and yoga studio.  I can only do my best and see how far that gets me.  In the meantime, I remain grateful for the vitality my health continues to grant me.

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