Gratitude Day 30

On the last day of 30 Days of Tessism I am overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL OF IT!!!

Gratitude:  I am grateful for making it all the way through another November of blogging every day for 3o days.  Whew!   I made it!  It was great looking at gratitude each day this month.  It kept focused and grounded.  Gratitude beats back all the things that plague my life: frustration, upset, you name it.

There is so much that I am grateful for and 30 days does not come near to relaying it all.  I have a charmed life and these 30 reminded me of the blessings I sometimes take for granted.

Gratitude creates that amazing life.  Without it I would never stop and appreciate all the wonderful people and experiences that make up every day.  Thank you for following me on this journey each and every day!  See you next year!

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