Going through Changes

Another day, another session.  I took class today with Brian.  He wasn’t the teacher I expected but he was exactly what I needed.

Bikram 101: Day 3

Today was a good day but, really, any day that I make it to class is a good day. That’s a wonderful thing considering I have 98 more good days to look forward to!

Today’s practice was my strongest so far–barely any dizziness and I didn’t wimp out of any postures.  Of course there was the requisite slowish start during standing head to knee but that posture is my nemesis.  I was able to hold the first part of the posture longer today although I still can’t resist the urge to kick out.  I’m getting stronger though.

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten better with the second part of awkward pose from the very start of this challenge.  Minimal wobbliness of the ankles and I’m almost a ballerina à la the pic at the beginning of this post.

I can’t say today was any less challenging just that I really was up for the all of it.  It was especially humid today and I loved it. I know, I’m odd.  I like heat.  I like sweat.  Always have and Bikram gives me high doses of both every day. Joy!  Haha!

The other highlight of the day was, after thanking the teacher, he told me twice that I was really strong in class.  I can only get stronger and I have over 3 months to prove it.

I’ve only taken 3 classes, but I the changes to my body are noticeable.  Mind you, I stare at myself in a mirror for 90 minutes a day and I get to notice some amazing things.  Oddest thing so far: the cellulite I noticed on my thighs on days 1 and 2 is gone.  Now I’ve never had a major cellulite issue but was I hallucinating?  I swear it was there all dimply in my face during Eagle the first day.  Maybe the profuse sweating scared the cellulite into submission.  I’m not complaining.  Just please, don’t come back!

I feel my body tightening up ever so slightly especially my quads.  Now I didn’t enter this challenge out of shape so the changes shouldn’t be too drastic but it’s surprising how much my body wants me to push it to the limit and rewards me with more and more strength.  The focus of the rest of the challenge is making sure I don’t injure myself while pushing myself the farthest I have ever gone in my practice.  Onward and upward!

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