Every Other Day

Day 6 out of 101 kicked my butt as usual. It’s either that it’s an every other day thing for me to have a tougher. Time with class or it’s that classes with Stephanie are just plain tough. It may be both.

Today was great because as I type this, I’m long done with class. I got some intense corrections. Particularly in triangle. I have to move into position in one move instead of my usual step-by-step. Stephanie says it challenges my core. Ok. Dang. My core and I were fine just the way we were but since she pointed it out to me, there’s no going back.

I was able to hold back from kicking in the first set of head-to-knee. I tried to complete during second set but I can’t hold it. Will keep trying.

Today’s victory was touching my forehead to the ground during standing separate leg stretching by simple listening to Stephanie’s coaching.

After all is said and done, I am spent. Ready to rest and prep for another day. Praying I improve and protect myself from injury.


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