Little Things

You know how they say big things come in small packages? Well today, Day 7 of my challenge, I met tiny Kyoko who packed a punch!

This morning was tough. I didn’t want to get out of bed. In spite of sleeping over eight hours, I was inexplicably exhausted. I made it to class anyway, assured that I would have to go easy because I was not feeling up to it.

Surprisingly, I gave my all. There is no soft-shoeing it in Bikram for me anymore. It truly is all or nothing. Kyoko kicked my butt with helpful correction after correction. I know my practice improved because of her or, rather, my listening to her.

I’m learning that all I have to do is listen, the rest will fall into place. I still have to be mindful of injury and know the difference between a stretch and a strain. I want to last the other 94 days. I’ll keep pushing.

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