Baby Steps

Day 9 wasn’t bad at all.  Stephanie taught.  It was so warm I was drenched before I even started the first posture.  It was a juicy one and it was glorious!

As I was walking into the room, there were murmurs from students who’d taken the class before about the room getting too hot and someone fainting.  That is not the way you want to start class.  Later on, I learned that the student hadn’t passed out but had a moment and the instructor attended to her by opening the windows.  No one has ever made that room cooler for me so I guess she was in a bad way and the teacher took care of her.

After hearing all of this, I decided that it wasn’t too hot in there and class was going to be a piece of cake.  In the end, it wasn’t too hot but it wasn’t easy.  I made it through all the postures though.  That’s what I’m standing for during this challenge–doing each posture every time.  So far I haven’t had to sit any of them out and I will push to make myself get right back up if I take a breather.  So far, so good.

Today I focused on engaging all my muscles and diagnosing why some postures were so difficult for me.  For instance, in standing head to knee (aka the bane of my existence), I realize I need to use every single muscle to keep from dragging myself down and hurting my lower back.  Stephanie also pointed out that we tend to go down too low when we grab our foot.  She said to lift it and meet it half way.  That made a big difference.

I’m looking forward to the next 92 classes.  I’m extra excited about tomorrow because I will be doing a double.  One class at Bikram Yoga East Harlem and then another with Bikram’s wife Rajashree Choudhury for Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga at 12:30pm.  Read about it here.  See you in the Square!

Also, please help Bikram Yoga East Harlem get a chance to win a$250,000 grant from Chase and LivingSocial by voting for them at Mission: Small Business.  You will need a Facebook account to participate.  Visit the page.  Log in with your Facebook account.  At the bottom of the page under “business name” type in “Bikram”, leave the state and city blank and click on “Search”.  Scroll down until you see Bikram Yoga East Harlem and click on “Vote” on the right.  Thank you for supporting an incredible small business!


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