Glorious Solstice

Day 10 of my challenge has been awesome beyond words.  I took class with Britney which was challenging as always.  On top of that it was the hottest day all year and the hottest since I started practicing.  To top that I went to Times Square after class to take a Bikram class with Rajashree Choudhury.

What a perfect way to celebrate the solstice!  I practiced under the sun’s blessing and I feel like a brand new woman.  I had the pleasure of  reconnecting with yogis and teachers from my past after participating in the world’s largest Bikram class ever.  It had to be over 2000 people.

I got to chat with one of my favorite teacher’s from my early days who suggested my challenge should be 108 not 101 since 108 is a sacred number.  I might take that on.  My postures are stronger.  My skin is glowing from sweating and sunning.  It could not have been a more perfect day.


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