Drama Management

Day 11 with Stephanie was a good solid class. It was sweltering outside but the great thing about 90 minutes in that hot room is that when you escape 105 degrees, anything feels cooler.

I forgot to mention an insight I’d gotten in yesterday’s class. It seems that when I take my first sip of water after Eagle that it just zaps my energy. That’s right before Standing Head to Knee, a posture I find challenging 3 years into my Bikram practice. I’m already dreading the posture. I’m already sure it’s going to be a miserable experience. My heart rate is up from Eagle and the water just adds to drama, heightens the anxiety and makes the whole thing unbearable.

I’d skipped the water yesterday and I had a better time of it. Today I had the water and it was the usual not so great. So I will endeavor tp hold off drinking water until a later posture. One day I’ll be able to wait until Savasana before the floor series. Eventually I’ll do at least one class, I’ll go through the entire thing without any water and see how that goes.

Speaking of drama, today the person practicing next to me was a drama queen. Heavy breathing, grunting, fidgeting–you name it. While it may not seem like too much, it’s incredibly distracting…from my own drama. Haha!

As I was noting my fellow yogi’s drama, I had to, in turn, deal with my own. My hamstrings are sore, which is what happens when I practice regularly. They are tight. My lower back was tweaking but not as bad as usual. I think I’m getting better at protecting it. The secret is to clench my bottom for dear life. I remember a number of teachers at my last studio forever screaming “Squeeze your butt!”. It actually works.

I have exactly 90 days–3 months–left in my challenge. So far so good.

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