In the Storm’s Eye

Day 12 was not bad at all. Jennifer led and it was intense but she seems to make the whole thing fly by.

I tried to hold off on water until after Eagle and ended up gulping it down after Standing Bow. I gave what I had to give today and it got me through to the end.

It wasn’t that way for some of the others in the room. Fidgeting, grunting and moaning are to be expected. Even the first timer observing way more than he participated. What was beyond distracting were the people in the back who gave up doing the series after the 3rd posture. Now you may be tired or have a trick “you-name-it” but checking out and chilling in the room for 55 minutes doesn’t cut it. It’s yoga not a sauna.

Then the strong practitioner in the front row in front of me caught that same “give-up” and she stop participating. At that point, I saw it was contagious and I had to concentrate to make sure I wasn’t criticizing them and was working on my postures. Being distracted in Bikram is a great way to injure yoursef and have a terrible time of it.

In the eye of the storm, be aware. Know where you want go and that because you started it, you can end it. You call the shots.

That goes for me now more than ever. I’m ready for 89 more days!

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