Day 13 was a drencher. A guest teacher, Christopher taught us and he kicked our tails all over that hot room and we loved it! At least I did!

Christopher was visiting from German and this was his first class since completing teacher training. The thing about most new teachers is that they do not skim the dialogue. They keep you honest in ways you cannot imagine. Now I’ve worked with many skilled teachers who run incredible classes. It just that those fresh off of training bring the torture to the chamber and, guess what, I love it.

It’s days like today where I become so aware of the privilege it is to practice yoga at the studios and with the students and teachers that I do. Bikram yoga has changed my life, no doubt, yet, for me, anything doing is life-altering. If doesn’t make a difference for me or anyone else then I often wonder if it’s worth doing.

I am honored to have been part of Christopher’s first class. He challenged us and improved my practice with his corrections–as all teachers do. He especially energized me to push past this 13th day. Namaste.

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