Being Present

On Day 15 of my yoga challenge, I’m grateful that I’m halfway through the first 30 days. I also got a wonderful reminder.

Today, as usual, I was doing four much–not too much, not three much, but four much as my friend says. I was late for class and was running the risk of missing it altogether which would have been tragic because I would have had to miss a concert or go to class if I didn’t make it.

I rushed out of the house with tote packed, yoga bag slung & clothes yanked on. It was sprint from home to train to studio and I made it. I go into the locker room and take off my top and pants as I always do because I have my yoga clothes on underneath. I grab yoga bag, water, mat spray, wallet, and the studio’s towels and begin to climb the steps. I look down and I’m in my underwear!

Remember how you have those nightmares about going to school naked? Well, I almost did. In my hurry, I’d neglected to pull on my yoga shorts and I was aggressively skipping steps to barrel into class in my…striped panties. Thankfully I noticed before I reached the top, ran back down, threw on my regular shorts, told Stephanie, who was teaching about and made it through class without living out a nightmare.

With that incident came the greatest lesson yet: Be present and stay present. Focus or you’ll end up in underwear a long way from your yoga pants.

Class with Stephanie great. I had the honor of practicing next to people who inspired me to stay strong and deepen my form.

I also learned the difference between a stretch and pain. Where there is a stretch, I can push for more. Where there is pain, I must stop gently with deliberate movement. Pain = Pay Attention. In today’s class, Pay Attention = the difference between practing in your undies or shorts. Onward…

2 thoughts on “Being Present

  1. Are you surprised I actually read your blog?!? I’m glad you didn’t go to class in your undies, and I’m so proud of your accomplishments. Waiting on Bikram Bronx to open up…,

    • I am not. Very glad you do. And thanks, it would have been mortifying if I’d gone to class in my panties. Thank you, hun. I’m doing my best. BYBX soon come!

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