Getting There

“You know, no matter how long you do this, it never gets easier.” One of my fellow students said this the other day and it rang true for all of us.

No matter how long or how consistent your practice, Bikram yoga classes never get easier. Way for me to deter anyone interested in starting, right? The truth is that you might have a transcendental class where you breeze through, hit every posture & begin levitating (not!) every once in a while but for the most part class will be challenging every single time.

Even when you finally get a posture down pat there are always improvements and adjustments to be made and depths to reach for. For many of us with a lifelong practice, Bikram yoga will be never be “complete”.

To some this may a drag. For committed practitioners, it is heartening. There is nowhere to get to. If I give my all today, I can give all tomorrow and every other day. “My all” changes with the day and need not be compared with anything. I know when it was my all or just getting by. I find I’m more prone to injury when I rush or cut corners.

Since this is a practice I’ve prescribed for myself for the rest of my life, I have a new brilliant opportunity to reach for transcendence with every new day. The day before falls away and I step into the studio a brand new creature–a possibility.

Class 18 today with Jennifer was a marked improvement in that I moved even less than usual, maintained my focus and adhered to a higher standard of discipline. It was rewarding. I wonder what tomorrow brings.

2 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. I love Bikram classes, but can only afford to join ONE yoga studio. So I try to find one that has “hot yoga” and other classes. I did only Bikram for about 6 years, and when I did a different class, it was SO difficult for me (downward Dog? moving to the next already? WTF??) So I definitely like a mix, but will always pay homage to what the Bikram yoga did – and still does! – for me! Alexa Maxwell

    • I definitely have to revisit other forms of yoga after this challenge which may be costly but worth it. Maybe I’ll find some intros. Gotta mix it up. Glad you found a way to do it.

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