Day 21 of my 101-day Bikram yoga challenge was my most enlightening so far. With a few taps of her fingertips, Kyoko completely reshaped my practice.

One of the things that I’ve had to come to terms with in my years of practicing Bikram yoga is the harsh reality that you will never get a posture “right”. Not only does it never get easier, ever, there are opportunities for adjustment even at a microscopic level. Suck in your stomach. Square your hips. Leg up. Left shoulder forward.

There is no hanging out in perfection on Bikram. You never reach there. You’re not even aiming for there. You’re gunning for your personal best in that moment and then you let go and try for the same in another posture until you collapse, a sopping wet mess, in savasana at the end. Then come back the next day and do it again. Rinse. Repeat.

Today with Kyoko was, I daresay, life altering. But, hey, everything I do in that hot room is life altering. It’s just that Kyoko is a true master at what she does. She can see adjustments that you have no idea you needed.

My standing bow is pretty strong. That’s because it’s my favorite posture. To me, it’s quite beautiful. I will bust out in that posture on the beach, at a party, anywhere and for free! Today, Kyoko pointed out some things, tapped my hip, told me to square it and I’m back to square one on my right side. Its no longer my strongest posture. After her correction, I actually have to do the posture correctly and it’s hard!

On my left side–my strongest in that asana–I had to fight to do it and fell forward out of it. I had a teacher once say that you’re not doing standing bow correctly if you don’t fall out of it every once in a while and fall forward out of it at that. Today I finally fell forward–violently, ecstatically and somehow uninjured and in control thanks to Kyoko.

She also gave me an adjustment that might just transform tree pose for me and my super tight hips. I’m just grateful for the daily opportunity to improve and the privilege of having incredible teachers who dole out corrections that will never stop in my life long practice. Glad I have 80 more days of yoga heaven!


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