Day 22 of my yoga challenge was another breakthrough class under Kyoko’s watchful eye.  It was also a triumph over soreness because I took Stephanie’s advice from days before and stretched extensively before class.  I was able to go deeper in postures involving my tricky hamstrings.  That was fulfilling proving that it actually pays to listen.

Sometimes, while doing Bikram, you’re just not sure how deep to go.  The key is to listen.  Listen to your teacher.  Every part of your dialogue is setting you up for a safe practice.  Listen to your body.  In case the posture slips over your sweaty head, your body will tell you how far to go.  There’s a big difference between pushing yourself and pain.

As I listened to Kyoko, I fought to move my body slowly and gracefully.  These movements were as natural as they could be.  Nothing jerky and everything deliberate.  The result was a strong, beautiful practice. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s revelations.


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