Tap Out

Class 24 with Jennifer on the 4th of July was tough!  It was hot and humid with a healthy number of students in the room to make it even hotter.

I was so excited to take class with one of my friends today.  I remember when I was in Nigeria attempting to do the class using Bikram Choudhury’s recording and I realized that having other people in the room with me is crucial to my practice.  Other people going through the same struggle seems to bolster me and give me the boost I need to complete.  I could not do an extended challenge in a room on my own.

Today I made sure I stretched quite a bit before class.  That really helped as well as having my friend next to me.  At some point, though, none of that mattered.  I was hot, exhausted and I wanted to tap out.  I wanted to tell Jen that the room won and that I give up.  I really did.

But, of course, that was not an option.  I stayed and I won like I do every day when I give my all until the soggy end. Looking forward to another beginning tomorrow.


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