Class 25 with Stephanie was less rough than yesterday.  It was challenging as usual but I wasn’t lamenting my crazy choice to do this yoga every day for 101 days.

Some days are like that. They beat the fight out of you.  Thankfully, today was not one of those . Today was a day of very deliberate motion.  I spent the class noticing and asking.  I noticed where I was misaligned or weak.  I noticed the symmetry of my body.  I asked my body for permission every step of the way.  With each concession, my body opened up for me and I went deeper in my asanas.

Yoga is about specific, deliberate movement.  Jerky movements not only destroy the sanctity of your asanas, they leave you susceptible to injury.  If you cannot do a posture without throwing your body wildly around, then you’re not ready for that posture.

Your body’s gift to you manifests itself through yoga.  You realize that nothing gets done without the complicit agreement of your body.  Today my body and mind worked to strengthen standing forehead to knee.  I stayed in the first part of the posture for the entire minute.

Every day my body, at my quiet requests, opens up and surprises me with its strength and resilience.  I’m privileged to experience this every day.  76 more to go!

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