On Your Toes

Stand up on your toes, maximum, high, like a ballerina.

Class 28 was with a teacher I had not done a session with before, Danielle. This was a good thing because I can’t anticipate how she delivers the Bikram dialogue. Basically she kept me on my toes for 90 minutes.

There’s a tendency during challenges to slip into patterns of doing things the same way with same teachers. Habits can be formed anywhere during class like when you drink water or how you always sit down during the second set of triangle. One of the biggest challenges of your practice is to make sure you’re giving your best every single class. That means that when you rest it’s because you need to not because that what you usually do.

Today standing bow on my left side was strong. Still working on getting my right side to be in proper alignment and consistently strong. My awkward pose is pretty good, especially during the second part which I quoted at the beginning of this entry. I have control and I need to go lower and sit more down “in the chair”. I strive for control in every movement. There is no flinging the body around for me in class lest I injure myself and/or deprive myself of the benefits of the postures.

So far I’m working on my right ankle which is tight from multiple roll-over injuries during my high school track days. I’m also strengthening my knees which were tricky before. They are now stable and steady and better with each day. Then there are the forever tight hamstrings.

I’d like to go deeper in many asanas and I wonder if simply going to class will make that happen or if I should do some stretches before and after class. I suspect that is the ticket.

Class with Danielle brought some needed change to my practice and the same intensity as always that leaves me passed out on my mat at the end of class. 73 more days to go!

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