Stay Strong

Class 31 with Angela was tough, no doubt about it. She’s a great teacher and her corrections are magic. Actually all the teachers at Bikram Yoga East Harlem are great. Each one brings something new to my practice.

Today Angela reminded me to “stay strong”. Most teachers say that often and, it seems, today was one of those days when I actually listened. I was completely worn out by the middle of standing series and it was those words that kept me from curling into a ball on my mat. It was those same words that beckoned me to hold on and do tree pose before a desperately needed savasana. I’m really glad I did.

As I begin my next 30 days, I’m committed to alignment. I want to increase my flexibility but not at the expense of doing the postures correctly. That can be difficult when I just want to throw myself into them and tough my through them. It doesn’t work for the long term or my body. So slow and steady it remains for me.

I saw an improvement in toe stand on my left where I had my foot vey close to being under my belly but I did not have as much control so I will need to work on strengthening my core.

One other thing that Angela said stayed with me. Mind you, some other teacher has probably said this to me before, but today it landed. “You often come into this room with strength or flexibility. Rarely do you come in with both and that’s a gift. Rather, you use your strength to increase your flexibility or your flexibility to increase your strength.”

I believe I have a little bit of both but when it comes down to it, right now in my practice, I have strength. The longer I have gone, the tighter things have become, decreasing my normal flexibility. It is my job, for the next month, to coax my flexibility back using my strength and determination. 31 days down and 70 to go. Let’s do this!

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