Water, Water…

Class 33 with Dionne was no more challenging than the others.  This time though, I found a special preoccupation with my water.  I’d frozen a 1.5 liter bottle the night before and it took its sweet time melting throughout class.  I couldn’t win.  The water would melt.  I would gulp.  Then I would have to wait.  What was I expected to do between desperate sips of icy cold water?

Oh, that’s right, do my Bikram practice.  That’s what I was there for so I guess I should pay attention to that.  Remember way back when, some posts back, when I said I’d like to see if I could practice without water?  I lied.  I never want to go through a class without drinking water.  What was I thinking?  I guess in an ideal world where I was well hydrated and such, I could entertain the idea of braving that hot room without my water crutch.  Until then it’s water, water, water for me baby–nothing’s gonna tear us apart.

Seriously though, whether it’s water or wiping off sweat, there is always something waiting to distract me in class.  Often that distraction is manifest from some corner of my brain where I trick myself into believing that I didn’t manufacture it myself.  It’s a lovely game.  Really.  It’s either that or focus.  In the end the focus wins.  It has to.  Bikram practice is demanding in that way and I can play with my water for but so long.  68 more days to see if this continues to hold true.

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