Class 35 today with Stephanie was strangely refreshing. “Refreshing” is the last thing I would say about Bikram yoga. Words like “challenging”, “exhausting”, “daunting”, even “exhilarating” are more likely to spill out of my mouth when describing the practice so today’s experience caught me off guard.

It may have something to do with my becoming more connected with Bikram Yoga East Harlem as I explore their studio and workstudy program. It’s always fascinating to draw back the curtain and examine what really makes a place tick. I find it very fulfilling to be of service to my fellow practitioners, creating a space to beautifully and safely house their arduous efforts.

When I went into class after a team meeting, I experienced time flying by. That rarely happens in class. Now that my responsibilities are increased, the stakes in this 101-day challenge are much higher. How will I do all those days while assimilating a new studio routine as well as all the “too much” that I normally do? We shall see. Regardless, it will get done. 66 more days to watching unfold. Namaste.

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