Holding On

Class 37 with Jen took place in the middle of a spike in temperature. I believe it got up as high as 96 degrees today. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the standard 105 degrees of a Bikram class.

Today was one of those days where I had to hold on to my practice for dear life! People were calling it a day all around me and I really just wanted to join them but we know the purpose of this challenge is not to nap in the sauna but do each posture each time for as long as I can hold it. No tapping out. No letting myself off the hook for the promise I made myself.

At some points, I was one of the few people continuing to participate in the class. Everyone else had drifted off. There was one practitioner who set up her mat directly behind mine at the back of the room and when I mimed to her about moving in either direction, she said she was fine and didn’t need to see herself in the mirror. I wonder about her disconnect.

Your biggest teacher faces you every class and if you deliberately hide behind the person in front of you, you miss out on valuable opportunities to correct yourself and strive for an improved practice. In the end, I realized no one was blocking me and that I could do nothing for her so I turned my mind to holding on to my practice with as much integrity as I could muster.

Incidentally, after thanking her for class, Jen thanked me for actually doing the postures each time and called me a strong practitioner. I appreciate that she noticed and acknowledged me. I’m looking forward to much much more before this challenge ends. Namaste.

I meditated today as part of The Chopra Center’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and I attribute the ease of writing today’s entry to the peace the meditation brought me. Check it out for yourself when you can.

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