Class 38 with Stacy today was a bit surreal. Not disturbing. Not terribly challenging. It was like I wasn’t even there. Like I was floating looking down at myself, noticing where I was greatly improved and places I need much more work. I didn’t even notice the heat. I barely noticed the student who sat up through floor series and eventually left the room. I was out and in and out of my body. I guess after 38 days straight, I’d have a moment like that.

Maybe it’s the meditation? My mediation continues with The Chopra Center’s>21 Day Meditation Challenge.

I’ve decided to take a leap into Bikram Yoga East Harlem’s 3 hour posture clinic this Saturday from 1-4pm. I’ll take class before and then spend 3 hours in warm room going over and tweaking my standing series postures. Then I’ll take class after. A bit ambitious considering that I’ll be seeing The Dark Knight Rises at 6:30am–crazy, I know. If you’re in New York City, come and check it out with me. Read all about it here.


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