Do you ever wonder what happens to the caterpillar after it builds its cocoon? Does it melt and become reborn completely as a butterfly or does it keep the core of itself even after it grows embellishment?

On day 45 of my challenge, I believe I’m slipping into the cocoon where everything breaks down in bid of generating something new. Things in and outside of the studio are falling apart and calling for me to be great. I’m not sure I’m up for it but you can count on me to show up for it–for class, for life, you name it–and that’s more than half the battle.

Class with Angela was great as always. She’s a lovely person to see and hear even in a maddeningly warm room. I’m giving everything I’ve got to improving my triangle posture and Angela’s corrections–and those of so many teachers before her–have been making a huge difference. Looking forward to the tiniest improvements in class tomorrow.

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