Thunder & Lightning

Class with Kyoko on Day 46 took place against a dramatic background. Today was incredibly hot and humid, prime condition for a thunderstorm.

I’d manage to avoid the deluge as I made my way to class this evening. It caught up to me in class. Around standing head to knee, there was bright lightning followed by the loudest, heart-stopping thunder I’d ever heard. How appropriate for that posture and all the drama I experience around it. Some people screamed. Others looked around to see if they were still alive. And, yes, class went on.

Even thunder and lightning melt in the face of a Bikram class. All that exists in that room are our postures and concentration. It took us all the way to the end.

Class with Kyoko was truly outstanding. She is not only an attentive teacher, she’s very encouraging. It’s great to hear her say “Yes! That’s it!”. I would brave all types of weather havoc to hear “Very good, Theresa” from her. Fortunately, all I had to do was be in the hot room and I got those very words from her in the backbend part of half moon, triangle and standing separate leg head to knee. I’ll aim to get more for other poses next time!

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