Day 56 with Brian was very satisfying. After my Super Saturday of working at the studio, taking posturing clinic and doing a double, then getting home at 6am from a party, I wasn’t sure how I would get through a class on Sunday. Somehow I did. There was no doubt that I would make it and showing up is more than half the battle.

I always tell people who kick themselves for not being perfect in class that this is a lifetime practice. You get to do it again another day and see if you can improve somewhere. Seriously, though, if you show up, you win. If you stay in the room, you really win. If you give it your all and do what you can, then you’re golden.

I didn’t break on Sunday. I’m happy about that. I managed to convince on of the party guests to massage my lower back–I can be quite persuasive especially when I’m not drinking and you are! Ha! That massage made a huge difference for class on Sunday. I feel myself getting stronger. I sure need it!

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