Day 58 with Kyoko was at another level.  It was like being in a posture clinic.  I don’t know what got into her but I am so glad she went over posture after posture during the standing series without interrupting the flow or slowing down the class (that is the sign of a master teacher in my opinion).  I’m pretty sure she said all the things that she pointed out in each and every class with the same suggestions and exhortations.  Yet it seemed that today’s class was the one where I finally listened.

Very often we go into autopilot in these classes–especially if you’re in there day in, day out, hearing the same dialogue in the same order with very little variation.  You find yourself doing postures ahead of time because you anticipate what’s next without really hearing anything the teacher is saying.  I finally could see what Kyoko meant by sucking in my stomach.  It is intense when you do it properly–when you do it like your life depends on it, squeezing every muscle in there..Today, I gave up and just listened and got so much unexpectedly from a simple evening class laced with hints of a posture clinic. Jackpot!

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