Time to RESET!

Time to RESET!

It’s September! Not only does this month have 30 days, the perfect interval for any type of challenge, fitness or otherwise. It starts on a Sunday making for a calendar friendly progression as we take on the month.

The theme for my September is SEIZE THE DAY! I’m rebooting, resetting and re-calibrating all over my life. I commit to 30 days of fitness in September, doing something great for my body every day. That looks like Bikram class at least 3 times a week, squats every day, crunches and pushups on alternating days, a delicious smoothie daily as well as delicious homecooked food every day and waking up at the same time every day no matter when I go to bed.

So far, I took Bikram class which was glorious after a hiatus of over a month. I renewed my soul at church this morning, long over due. I took care of myself by getting all the supplies to help me accomplish my goals this month.

What is your theme for September?

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