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  1. Loved your article “Happy Black Women Would Be Bad For Media Business” and I soooo agree with you on the possibilities of what the Obama’s have. Check out this song “Obama Kind of Love” at my site under music. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. I really enjoyed your article published/posted on MadameNoire.com. I completely agree with you that our President and First Lady being successful people of color (and even his campaign), brought so much media attention to race matters and spurred this new “hot topic” of Black women are in dire straits. I think it is less of a conspiracy and more of a lack of understanding that stereotypes aren’t OUR norm. I wish there was more focus on us telling our own stories than merely being solicited for opinions when it is felt that we match someone’s idea of what the Black single woman’s life is like. Great read!

    • Way cool! CU is tough place but if you can make it there…you know the rest. Good luck and rock out in your last and best year there! You’ll never forget so make it good!

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