Halfway Mark

So today marked 15 days into my 30 day workout challenge. I’d love to write that it’s been marvelous and I’m a new woman. In reality, the more I workout on my own, the more I know that I’m someone who needs to be around people while I sweat.

Doing my Bikram yoga sessions have become boring and I don’t look forward to them. That’s odd for someone who’s a Bikram junkie. The missing element isn’t just a humid, 105 degree room. It’s the people. I underestimated the power of being in a room with others who are pushing like I am.

That’s odd considering that I work hard to go into my “yoga zone” in class where only I and my reflection in the mirror are all that exist. With no one to tune out, I’m left with just me and no one to stop me if I want to sit out a posture for anything less than exhaustion.

Something’s gotta give. I will continue my challenge of course regardless but I’m committed to breakthroughs. Actually, in spite of the boredom, there have been breakthroughs. I’m able to go deeper in certain asanas and I have a better idea how to improve each and every pose.

The challenge here is that I’m responsible for the energy of this challenge. The breakthroughs come from within. I kindly gave myself a break today which means a double tomorrow, upping the challenge ante–a welcome change. I have 15 more days to improve my practice. That is more than enough to keep me going.

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