Challenge Day 15: Take Time to Reflect

Today is officially the halfway point of my 30 days of challenges and a great time to contemplate about an appropriate challenge.  In the middle of this marathon, today’s challenge is right on time.

Today’s challenge: Take a step back at the end of each day and reflect. What worked? What didn’t? Tell the truth. Prune your goals and only do what you really want to do. Think about what will give you the fire to power through the next day. What is your reward? What are you proud of? Reflect.

The challenge for me is not falling in an exhausted heap into bed and praying that I can make it through another day.  In addition to taking time to meditate each day, I’m also carving out quiet time to think about what I’ve done so far and what’s in store.  During that time, I can really look at what I can celebrate and acknowledge what’s been working and what’s not working.  In this reflection, I get to breathe and fine tune.  This way, I’m not barreling blinding through each day, hoping I get something done.  Reflection time will help me pinpoint what is important and necessary to me, allowing me to focus on what really makes a difference in my life.  I’m looking forward to living life on purpose wherever I can.

Today’s victory: With this posting, this will be my 40th blog post and the culmination of 15 days straight of writing.  I don’t know how I did it but I said I would and it’s done.  Here’s to 15 more insightful, inspirational days!

Also, I took a bag of 76 pieces of clothing, shoes, etc. to the Salvation Army for donation, a victory in my commitment to clear the clutter from my home.  Yes!

Gratitude: I am grateful for unexpected delights that brighten each day.

On the horizon: Affirming and manifesting

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